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Vehicle inspections: Don't cut corners!

We can never emphasize it enough. Getting a vehicle inspected by a mechanic you trust before taking over a lease can prevent a lot of trouble down the line. You'll get a clear picture of the state of the vehicle, and you can use the inspection report as leverage to negotiate a better rate. You're responsible for the lease you're taking over. So don't jump in with your eyes closed!

Posted in:Lease Takeover

Great photos get more attention

Don't overlook the power of photographs when you post your ad. They can make a big difference in attracting potential buyers. Take photos of the car's exterior and interior from several angles. Show the car's attractive interior finish details and accessories that add value, such as wheel rims, integrated GPS and leather seats. And don't forget to wash the car before taking pictures.

Posted in:Lease Takeover

Offer an incentive to sell faster

Visitors on look at a lot of listings before selecting a vehicle. How can you attract their attention to your ad? It can be as simple as offering an appealing bonus such as, for instance, a cash amount covering a few months' payments. Take a look at other listings for vehicles similar to yours to get an idea of the best offers. Be generous and sell fast!