About us

Quebec's first lease-transfer site

ByeByeLease.ca is part of the large ALBI le Géant family and is the first lease-transfer site in Quebec. Since 2003, ByeByeLease.ca has been helping consumers end their vehicle leases by avoiding a complex and expensive process.

For consumers who want to be released from a lease, a lease transfer is interesting and advantageous because it’s less expensive than breaking a contract. And thanks to our reputation and extensive expertise in the automobile industry, consumers get great visibility online. Our advertising investments to let people know about ByeByeLease.ca expose your vehicle listing to thousands of potential buyers each month.

For those who want to take over a lease, the benefits are also great! See for yourself. And ByeByeLease.ca is a user-friendly platform focused on efficiency, speed and visibility. Potential buyers have access to recent ads, get results that are targeted to advanced research criteria and enjoy ad-free browsing.


Our ByeByeLease team members are at your service

ByeByeLease.ca may be a web platform, but our customer service is very responsive. Customers can count on our team of experts to help them optimize their ads and find buyers faster. Our team members are also there to offer information or assistance and they’re trained to help buyers and sellers connect, to clearly explain the steps involved in the process and to make transactions easier.