Lease takeover

The benefits of a lease takeover

Looking for a recent vehicle at a good price? You should absolutely consider a lease takeover. Here’s why:


Save thousands of dollars and pay no money down

When a consumer leases a vehicle, they sometimes have to put money down to decrease the monthly payments. When you take over a lease, you avoid this initial outlay of cash and just continue the monthly payments as set out in the lease. It’s a pretty sweet deal!


Get an incentive for taking over a lease

Some people have to get out of their lease for various reasons (job loss, separation, company vehicle, etc.). Because there can be financial drawbacks to ending a lease, the person giving up their lease may sweeten their offer with an incentive, like covering a few monthly payments. You’ll find that information on the vehicle listings on our site. Take advantage of it!


Enjoy lower monthly payments

Some vehicles listed on have been repossessed by a dealership after only one or two years of use. Monthly payments may be reduced to move these almost-new models. In other cases, the sellers offer incentives that translate into lower monthly payments for the buyer.

For example:

A vehicle is leased for a monthly payment of $350. There are 30 months left on the lease. The seller offers a $1,500 bonus. The buyer therefore saves $50 per month. You just can’t find a better deal!


Get a short-term lease

Since you’re taking over an ongoing lease, you just continue the initial contract. A short-term lease is a good deal for people who like to change vehicles often or who don’t want to be bound by a long-term contract.


Benefit from a warranty on the vehicle

Vehicles listed for a lease takeover are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the duration of the lease. That’s a detail that can pay off big!

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